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Physical Literacy comes to life every day through 2-4-1 Sports programming.

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241Sports at KO- Our Flagship Camp

Sign up for 2-4-1 @ Kingswood Oxford School. This beautiful campus is conveniently located near Blue Back square in West Hartford.

241 Denver South

2-4-1 heads West to Denver for a fun-filled week of sport sampling.

2-4-1 Monroe- New this summer!

The ability, confidence, and desire 2 be active 4 - 1 extraordinary life.


BrainErgizers™️ are research based brain breaks developed in partnership with UCONN that are designed to get kids mindful and moving throughout the day. They stimulate the brain and decrease levels of anxiety.

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The “life’s 2 short 4 just 1 sport” philosophy is emphasized throughout the 2-4-1 Sports Academy, the 2-4-1 Crossover Effect training, and a wide variety of 2-4-1 sports clinics. 2-4-1 Sports stresses the difference between participating and competing as well as the difference between a singular approach and a balanced approach.