National Leaders in Sport Sampling and Physical Literacy

Physical Literacy comes to life every day through 2-4-1 Sports programming.

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241Sports at KO- Our Flagship Camp

Sign up for 2-4-1 @ Kingswood Oxford School. This beautiful campus is conveniently located near Blue Back square in West Hartford.

241 Denver South

2-4-1 heads West to Denver for a fun-filled week of sport sampling.

2-4-1 Monroe- New this summer!

The ability, confidence, and desire 2 be active 4 - 1 extraordinary life.

Are you ready for the 241 Mile Challenge

The National Association of Physical Literacy (NAPL) is challenging students, parents and teachers to jog/run one mile per day for the entire school year

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The “life’s 2 short 4 just 1 sport” philosophy is emphasized throughout the 2-4-1 Sports Academy, the 2-4-1 Crossover Effect training, and a wide variety of 2-4-1 sports clinics. 2-4-1 Sports stresses the difference between participating and competing as well as the difference between a singular approach and a balanced approach.