One Bite At A Time…

One Bite at a Time
 (From the archives (Sept 2017) It’s been a little over 3 years since the Aspen Institute’s Sport and Society Program recognized 2-4-1 Sports as one of 8 model programs in the United States in the original Project Play report. I am forever grateful for the tremendous opportunities this recognition has afforded 2-4-1, not the least of which is – a greater capacity to positively influence youth sports in this country. 
Personally, it’s given me the chance to know so many wonderful, mission driven folks who truly want to “get stuff done”. Was thrilled earlier this year to join the international Quality Coaching Collective which are just that – a collection of quality “doers”.
I continue to seek out doers! Having just gotten back from DC and the 3rd Project Play Summit, I am reminded of the wise anecdote asking “How do you eat an elephant?” The answer of course is “One bite at a time’… (Click HERE to read on…)