The “life’s 2 short 4 just 1 sport” philosophy is emphasized throughout the 2-4-1 Sports Academy, the 2-4-1 Crossover Effect training, and a wide variety of 2-4-1 sports clinics. 2-4-1 Sports stresses the difference between participating and competing as well as the difference between a singular approach and a balanced approach.  Ordinary athletes participate in one sport.  Real athletes compete in multiple sports! At the 2-4-1 Sports Academy kids learn that when you tried your best – no matter what – you won.  Playing a sport gives kids the chance to experience success and deal with failure. Playing sports teaches kids the skills they will need in life-how to work with others, how to put forth your best effort –  when to lead and when to follow.  Leaders are born at 2-4-1 Sports!