2-4-1 P.L.U.S.S.

PLUSSlogoA program designed to get kids and communities growing & cooking their own food while developing “the ability, confidence, and desire to be active for life.”, The P.L.U.S.S. Club takes a comprehensive approach by involving all community stakeholders and offering kids the opportunity to move throughout the day.

Before & After School programming includes one day of STEAM gardening programming, one day of science-based cooking lessons, and 2 days of sports sampling centered play designed to bring the fun back into sports.

P.L.U.S.S. Club™

cropped-the-crew.jpg PLAY: Children take part in this unique sport-sampling opportunity that gets kids moving.  It is designed to introduce kids to physical literacy’s fundamental movement skills using the sports of the season. This before or after school program brings play back into the lives of kids.

47a6da09b3127cce98548514ff5f00000030108QcsmrZyya6COOK: Teaching kids about the importance of fueling their bodies with “good” food is the cornerstone of health. This component of the P.L.U.S.S. program ensures that kids understand the value of healthy eating and its impact on their growing bodies. Kids will love learning to cook their own food.

GROW: Planting and tending a school/community garden with emphasis on the science, math, and social/emotional benefits of gardening.