241 Mile Challenge

We at 2-4-1 Sports are proud to inspire the 241 mile challenge. Running is an essential fundamental movement skill and it is something anyone can do anywhere. #ItsOnlyAMile

The National Association of Physical Literacy

241 Mile School Year Challenge


In a nationwide effort to raise awareness about the value of physical literacy – The National Association of Physical Literacy (NAPL) is challenging students, parents and teachers to jog/run one mile per day for the entire school year from October 1 through May 30 – yes, that’s exactly 241 days.  If you choose to accept this challenge with the mission of movement, and you complete it – not only will you have a sense of pride, you will have completed over 9 full marathons over the course of the school year.

Click 241-mile-school-year-challenge-2016-17-template to participate in the 241 mile challenge.  Hang your calendar in a spot you’ll see everyday. Be sure to try and do at least a mile each day -but if you do more – GREAT! Just add them all in.  And if you fall behind – no worries – just keep on trying and see how many miles you can get to.  THOSE WITH GRIT DON’T QUIT!  And – yes – this should be fun. Bring a friend!!


img_6756 Let’s get it started…#ItsOnlyAMile