Junior 2-4-1 Monroe

Junior 2-4-1 is an exciting opportunity to be part of the multi-sport revolution.

While the times and dates of Junior 2-4-1 @Masuk are the same as our traditional academy, the programming itself is age-appropriately different.  In keeping in line with the “Crossover Effect” – we see it as so important that these youngest athletes crossover to our traditional program having had the most positive of experiences.  With that in mind – our staff  focuses on infusing skill instruction into serious fun!  We want their first introduction to multiple-sports to be one where they leave asking for more!

Junior 2-4-1 is capped at 40 children and has a 4:1 Camper to Staff ratio.

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How it Works:  Each junior camper is assigned a small group of 8-12.  That group has their own personal counselor who travels with them all day – including lunch.  Expert staff is stationed throughout Masuk High welcoming these groups and introducing them to a new activity at each juncture.  The campers never know what awaits them – in fact it is often different each day.   junior photo 1They may come across a kickball game, an introduction to field hockey, a frisbee golf competition, a world cup soccer game, a lesson on how to slide into second base, a doubles tennis match,  a four-square championship or a mini track and field olympics.   Whatever the activity – you can be assured it will be fun – and while they’re doing one activity, they’ll be learning skills for another – that’s the 2-4-1 Crossover Effect after all!

Ages: Junior 2-4-1 is only for those children entering grades 1 or 2 in the fall of 2017.

Other Details: As is appropriate, because Junior 2-4-1 campers have more total activities throughout the day, they will also have more transition times.  After our opening ceremonies, Junior Campers have their own morning meeting each day with Junior 2-4-1 Director.

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Costs: The cost of Junior 2-4-1 is the same as our regular academy and sibling discounts can be used if an older child is enrolled in our traditional program.