Life’s 2 Short 4 Just 1 Sport™

The 2-4-1 Crossover Effect helps YOU see your inner-athlete!

Life’s 2 Short 4 Just 1 Sport

The theory behind the 2-4-1 Crossover Effect is actually quite simple.   It all comes down to applicability.   Ask someone to get into an athletic stance and inevitably – anyone who has played sports- will put one foot slightly in front of the other, bend their knees a tad and start bouncing.  Some might see a boxer.  Some might see a defender in basketball.  Some might see a striker just before a free kick.  Another might see a shortstop just before the crack of the bat.  We see an athlete.

What the 2-4-1 Crossover Effect recognizes is the applicability of one sport’s skill to the next sport’s skill.  We want our basketball players to know that the hoop season is getting them ready for lacrosse.  We want our soccer players to know that their fall season is getting them ready for a winter on the ice.  Show us a track and field athlete that for all intents and purposes isn’t getting ready for another sport.

With all of this in mind, we find those “crossover” skills that are applicable to multiple sports and help athletes create muscle memory that is transferrable.  Picture the following:  a soccer player leaping for a header, a basketball player rising for a lay-up, a volleyball player preparing for a spike, a left fielder reaching for a ball going over their head – now take out the implement and put them all in the same uniform and you’ll see an almost identical photograph. We see an athlete!

At 2-4-1, we love showing young competitors their inner-athlete!