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2-4-1 Sports Campership Program

We believe all children should have access to all sports. They should be able to get outside an play. 2-4-1 Sports believes in offering opportunities for all children to try a variety of sports-that is why we created our “campership” program.  After the first summer of our Academy, a generous donor came forward and said, “I really love the concept of this camp, and I really think that anyone who wants to come should have the chance.  I’d like to pay the tuition of a camper who couldn’t otherwise afford it…”. Day 5 of Girls 241 2012 051

Well – of all the great things that have developed as a result of our philosophy – our SupPORT ME Campership Program is perhaps the one we are most proud of.  Since that first donor nine summers ago, over 200 children have enjoyed The 2-4-1 Sports Academy alongside children whose parents have the means to send them.  What makes this so special is that there is no stigma attached.  Our sponsored children come in all shapes, sizes, genders and ethnicities.  And there is no one there to say – “that’s a sponsored camper – treat them different”.  As a result, we have a diverse, inclusive program that is teaching everyone that great athletes make great sports.

If you would like to help send a child to camp that otherwise wouldn’t be able to, please click

And if you’re willing to have your name or your company name listed on our “Thank you for your SupPORTing ME” webpage, please indicate so after making your donation.