2-4-1 PLUS
West Hartford
Physical Literacy Using Sports

Offered in Partnership with West Hartford Leisure Services

Weekly Options available from
October 5- October 30

2 sessions daily
Eisenhower Park
13 Sheep Hill Drive, West Hartford

Registration should be available by Mid-Afternoon on September 28

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About 2-4-1 PLUS

Internationally recognized 2-4-1 Sports has its home right here in West Hartford and has put together a version of their award winning sport-sampling program to support families looking to get their kids active this fall. 2-4-1 PLUS will be held entirely outdoors and will safely introduce attendees to a variety of sports each week. All equipment will be provided by 2-4-1 Sports. Attendees should bring appropriate clothing and a clearly marked water bottle. 2-4-1 Sports uses all risk-mitigating protocols as outlined by the CT Office of Early Childhood (OEC) and in compliance with local health guidelines. For more details on these protocols and the program, see below.

We recognize the many challenges that COVID-19 has provided including the lack of play-based movement that hybrid learning has created.  Our program is intended to get kids playing every day!  What attendees learn at our program they can replicate at home with friends and family members!

2-4-1 PLUS - Safety Protocols

This past summer, 2-4-1 Sports was recognized as a national leader in delivering safe programming intended to mitigate the risk of contracting COVID-19.

Read HERE in WE-HA.COM and view HERE in NBC CT to learn more about their approach.

At 2-4-1 PLUS, all campers will be screened upon arrival for signs of COVID. If a parent hasn't checked for signs of fever, we will do a temperature check.  While campers will not be required to wear masks, they will be placed into cohorts upon arrival and will not commingle with other attendees not in their cohort. Adult staff will be required to have masks and junior staff will also have masks at the ready at all times.  We do ask that children bring masks in the event that we need to move indoors in an emergency situation.

All equipment will be sanitized between cohort use. We ask that children bring their own hand sanitizer and use it frequently and must administer going from one activity to the next.

Please note that the facility only has porta potties.  It is advised to have children use the bathroom before heading to the program, but know there is this option in an emergency.


2-4-1 PLUS Class Experience

All of our programs are intended to foster a love of play through sports.  We intentionally teach that equipment and space should not be a hindrance to that experience.  At 2-4-1 PLUS, children will almost immediately be introduced to small-sided games where everyone will be involved and get an opportunity to "learn by doing."  We also have a philosophy that our staff are not just instructors, but participants as well.  Our trained staff play right along aside the campers to help model the love of play and create the disposition to be active for life. 

At 2-4-1 PLUS West Hartford, each attendee will participate in at least two sport-based activities each day that will build both fundamental movement skills and sport-based competencies.

Attendees do not need to bring their own sport equipment.  All materials will be provided.

We will play in most kinds of weather - including cold down to 20 degrees.  We will cancel if there is thunder and lightning in the forecast, torrential rain or snow.

2-4-1 PLUS- West Harford
Fall Schedule

Weekly Sessions available, October 5-October 30.

(Weeks may be added in November - stay tuned).

All sessions are Monday-Thursday with Friday reserved as a make-up day. (no class on October 12th Holiday) 

Classes are offered:

Ages 6-12

Session A: 9:00-10:30

Session B: 4:00-5:30

Eisenhower Park

Week 1: October 5-9

Week 2: October 13-16
(note no class on October 12 - we will meet Tuesday through Friday)

Week 3: October 19-23

Week 4: October 26-30

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Physical Literacy

What is physical literacy? While there are many definitions globally for the term Physical Literacy - we use the one set forth by the National Association of Physical Literacy (NAPLUSA) which is the ability, balance, confidence, desire and explorative nature to live an active, healthy life. Like all 2-4-1 Sports programs, 2-4-1 PLUS is designed with intentionality to help develop physical literacy.
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All Sessions are $89.00 for residents, $99.00 for non-residents.

If we need to cancel for any reason, Friday of each week is reserved as a make up day. If we need to cancel more than once in a given week, arrangements can be made to join a later session.

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