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2-4-1 Fencing is a low cost, low barrier to entry introduction to an Olympic sport that kids absolutely love.  But, because Fencing is often so cost-prohibitive or not readily available, we have created a model that allows children to learn the sport at less than 2 percent of what the normal cost would be.

This program is designed to introduce athletes to the sport using foam “noodles” and optional safety goggles.  While the rules have been simplified, all the skills developed in 2-4-1 Fencing translate directly to Olympic style fencing.  Our play-based curriculum is written and delivered in such a way that students toggle between skill-acquisition and games/challenges/competitions that are developmentally appropriate and keep the “fun-factor” up.  

2-4-1 Fencing level 1 is a point based curriculum, meaning that the point — or end of the noodle — will be used to score.  The target area that is worked on is the torso.  Hits that are not made on the torso will be ignored and play will continue as though they did not land.  

Most of all, 2-4-1 Fencing is intended to be fun, engaging and an entry to a lifelong pursuit of this wonderful sport.


While we try to incorporate 2-4-1 Fencing in all of our programs, we are increasingly offering it as a stand-alone program. When we are able, we do our best to offer it at little to no cost. If you would like to help us bring this innovative model and approach to more schools and communities, please click HERE.

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Junior 2-4-1

A Video Sample

Click below to see a short promo video that gives just a small sense of the kind of skills and drills students experience participating in 2-4-1 Fencing.



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