241 CREC

Physical Literacy Using Sport-Sampling
Brought to you in Partnership with The Capitol Region Education Council

July 12-July 30

Open to current and incoming CREC students - Grades 3 to 8 (fall of 2021)

About 2-4-1 CREC

The 2-4-1 CREC camp is a comprehensive Physical Literacy Development Program for students in elementary and middle school that blends the traditional 2-4-1 Sports camp model of sport sampling with our school based model of nutrition awareness and mindfulness skill development.

2-4-1 will be serving six CREC schools and over 1000 students in the summer of 2021.

For a sense of the kind of camp experience your child will have - watch this great clip:

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Kemba Walker of the Boston Celtics, pictured below while still at UCONN, sampling lacrosse for the first time!

Maya Moore of UCONN and WNBA fame showing off her skills in multiple sports at a 2-4-1 Camp

Sample Schedule

Just a typical day at 241 CREC:

(keep in mind this is just a sample schedule - times and activities are subject to change).
All Campers will sample up to 10 sports each week
1:00-1:10Arrival, Welcome and Free Play
1:10-1:15Mindfulness & transition
1:15-2:00Sport 1 of the day
2:00-2:05 Mindfulness & transition
2:05-2:50Sport 2 of the day
ImageThumbs up campers having fun in farmingtonImage

What is Physical Literacy?

We follow the definition put forth by the National Association of Physical Literacy (NAPL USA) which is
"The Ability, Balance, Confidence, Desire and Explorative Nature to be active for life"

Please note that this program does not have open enrollment for the community at large. All campers register through CREC and must be current or incoming students. For more information on how to register, visit: 2-4-1 CREC Summer Enrichment