2-4-1 Winter Multisport Program

Offered in Partnership with Farmington Community and Recreation Services

Winter 2021
Sundays from
January 31-March 14
(Extended to March 21 due to snow day)

Grades K - 2: 1:30 - 2:45 PM
Grades 3 - 4: 3:00 - 4:15 PM
Grades 5 - 6: 4:30 - 5:45 PM

Westwoods Upper Elementary School
50 Judson Lane, Farmington

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Handled by Farmington Community and Recreation Services

About 2-4-1 Winter Multi-Sport

2.4.1 Sports, the internationally recognized, award winning program is taking their well-established summer camp model from right here in Farmington and offering a 6-week sport sampling program for grades K - 6 this winter! Sessions are grouped/cohorted by grade (K-2, 3-4, 5-6) and will be led by amazing 2.4.1 Sports Team Members. Each 75-minute fun-filled session will offer two new sports each week (sample 12 sports over the 6-week program). Each week, the two sports will show a similarity between the two either through fundamental sport skills or team dynamics. All equipment will be provided. Participants should wear sneakers and attire that will allow them to run and play freely.

We recognize the many challenges that COVID-19 has provided including the lack of play-based movement that hybrid learning has created.  Our program is intended to get kids playing every day!  What attendees learn at our program they can replicate at home with friends and family members!

2-4-1 PLUS - Safety Protocols

This past summer, 2-4-1 Sports was recognized as a national leader in delivering safe programming intended to mitigate the risk of contracting COVID-19.

Read HERE in WE-HA.COM and view HERE in NBC CT to learn more about their approach.

1) This program is scheduled at West Woods Upper Elementary School, 50 Judson Lane, Farmington.

2) Participants shall enter West Woods Upper Elementary School at the main entrance and may check in up to fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled start of their session.

3) Participants shall exit West Woods Upper Elementary School at the north exit of the gymnasium located near the outdoor basketball court closest to the athletic fields.

This program is considered a Moderate Risk Program that involves close, sustained contact, but with protective equipment in place that may reduce the likelihood of respiratory particle transmission between participants OR intermittent close contact OR group sports OR sports that use equipment that can’t be cleaned between participants. Please take note of the public health protocols list below prior to registration.

1) Event organizers, staff, coaches and participants shall conduct daily symptom assessments (self-evaluation) and stay home if they are experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19.

2) Event organizers, staff, coaches and participants are required to wear a cloth face covering/mask at all times while inside the gymnasium/facility.

3) Parents/guardians will not be able to wait indoors during this program. Spectators are not permitted.

4) It is expected that all participants bring their own hand sanitizer and sanitize at the start, during breaks and at the conclusion of the program.

5) Water fountains are not available for use. Participants shall bring plenty of water.

6) Unless directed by the instructor, participants may/shall not bring their own materials/supplies to this program. All materials/supplies shall be sanitized by the instructor(s) at the start and at the conclusion of the program.

7) If an event organizer, staff member, coach or participant who has been present in the program is diagnosed with COVID-19 or listed as a direct contact with an individual diagnosed with COVID-19 the Town of Farmington’s Recreation Supervisor must be notified about the exposure.

8) If the Town of Farmington becomes designated RED per the Connecticut Department of Public Health Town-Level COVID Response Framework, all indoor activities may be postponed.

Per Connecticut General Statutes, programs that service children ages 7 - 19 who engage in an athletic activity such as an organized game or competition against another team or in preparation for a game or competition or who attend an athletic camp or clinic in which the purpose is to train, instruct, or prepare the participant to engage in an organized athletic game or competition to provide a written or electronic statement on the signs and symptoms of concussions to each athlete and parent/guardian upon registration. Information can be found by visiting www.cdc.gov/headsup/.


2-4-1 Winter Multisport Program - Class Experience

All of our programs are intended to foster a love of play through sports.  We intentionally teach that equipment and space should not be a hindrance to that experience.  At 2-4-1, children will almost immediately be introduced to small-sided games where everyone will be involved and get an opportunity to "learn by doing."  We also have a philosophy that our staff are not just instructors, but participants as well.  Our trained staff play right along aside the campers to help model the love of play and create the disposition to be active for life.

Attendees do not need to bring their own sport equipment.  All materials will be provided.

Physical Literacy

What is physical literacy? While there are many definitions globally for the term Physical Literacy - we use the one set forth by the National Association of Physical Literacy (NAPLUSA) which is the ability, balance, confidence, desire and explorative nature to live an active, healthy life. Like all 2-4-1 Sports programs, 2-4-1 Winter MultiSport is designed with intentionality to help develop physical literacy.


All Sessions are $129.00 for the 6 weeks.

If we need to cancel for any reason, Make up days will be March 21 (and then March 28 if needed).

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Handled by Farmington Community and Recreation Services