2-4-1 Fox Cities - Basketball

Community First Champion Center
5000 West Champion Drive, Appleton, WI


January 10-February 21
(6 week program with built in "weather" week)

Each session - 3:30-5:00 PM
Monday: Grades 1 and 2
Tuesday: Grades 3 and 4
Wednesday: Grades 5 and 6
Thursday: Grades 7 and 8

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About 2-4-1 Basketball

Internationally recognized 2-4-1 Sports is rooted in play! Like all 2-4-1 programs, our basketball focused program will help reinforce our core beliefs that sports should be inclusive, fun, and should positively impact the overall health and athleticism of our young people through the development of complementary skills which translate to a variety of activities and pursuits!  Each day we will work on developing skill competence, personal confidence and teamwork through the use of activity based games and activities that get EVERYONE moving. Come see what makes the 2-4-1 Sports experience special!
We recognize the many challenges that COVID-19 has provided including the lack of play-based movement that hybrid learning has created.  Our program is intended to get kids playing right away!  What attendees learn at our program they can replicate at home with friends and family members!

2-4-1 Basketball - Program Details

  • Age appropriate equipment will be provided by 2-4-1 Sports (ex. Appropriately sized basketballs will be provided, basket height will be adjusted based on age group, etc)
  • Attendees should bring appropriate clothing and a clearly marked water bottle. 
  • First time registrants will receive a 2-4-1 T-shirt at no additional cost, which they are encouraged to wear each week!  
  • All 2-4-1 programs are co-ed (boys & girls together).  Teams will be formed weekly, giving kids the opportunity to play with their friends, but also make plenty of new friends!  Pinnies will be used to distinguish teams. 
  • Parents and guests are welcome to stay and watch!  Seating is available for spectators in the upper level of the gym.
  • In 2020, 2-4-1 Sports was recognized as a national leader in delivering safe programming while mitigating the risk of contracting COVID-19. As needed, 2-4-1 Sports will employ necessary COVID risk-mitigating protocols as outlined by the State of Wisconsin and in compliance with local health guidelines.  

Friends sport Hall High School West Hartford

2-4-1 Program Benefits

  • After-School model that provides participants a full program “experience” while giving valuable evening and weekend time BACK to our families!
  • Play-Practice-Play format that kids LOVE, and has been shown to enable greater skill development, application, reinforcement and retention. 
  • Activity / Games based, inclusive instructional sessions that keep all kids engaged and developing at their own pace.
  • “Pick Up” style competition format that fosters social connection while teaching kids how to self-organize and self regulate.  Introduces & familiarizes kids to a game play format they’ll use throughout their athletic lives. 
  • Our program is led by qualified instructors who love to teach, coach, and more importantly, love to play!  What that means to you is that there is no need to volunteer to coach a team. Our instructors understand the game, understand age-appropriate development, and are passionate about engaging and inspiring young people!

2-4-1 Fox Cities - Basketball
Daily Schedule (all age groups)

3:30-3:45 - Doors Open / Arrival & Supervised Free Play Time

3:45-4:00 - Ball Handling / Skill of the Day

4:00-4:30 - Instruction / Activity Based & Small Group

4:30-4:55 - Competition / Team Based Game Play

4:55-5:00 - Closing points and dismissal

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Physical Literacy

What is physical literacy? While there are many definitions globally for the term Physical Literacy - we use the one set forth by the National Association of Physical Literacy (NAPLUSA) which is the ability, balance, confidence, desire and explorative nature to live an active, healthy life. Like all 2-4-1 Sports programs, 2-4-1 Basketball is designed with intentionality to help develop physical literacy. Our program is intended to get kids playing every day! What attendees learn at our program they can replicate at home with friends and family members!


All Sessions are $89.00 There is a $10.00 discount for each child after your first enrolled. The program is 90 minutes each week and we have a make up day built into our schedule in the event that we need to cancel for weather related reasons.

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Help Grow the 2-4-1 Team

As we grow our programs year-round in the Fox-Cities area, we are always looking to grow our team with like-minded coaches who believe in Physical Literacy and Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD). If you know of a coach or teacher who you think should be on our team, please let us know by having them reach out to Nate@241Sports.com or calling 860-977-3750.