Explorative Play for our Earliest Learners

2-4-1 PLAY Boulder
April 13 - May 22

About 2-4-1 PLAY

At 2-4-1 PLAY we are passionate about helping young children develop healthy bodies and minds through movement and play. When kids learn how to move their bodies while developing fundamental movement skills, their minds grow and they find the confidence to move actively through life.

We provide an authentic environment where our goal is for children to EXPLORE movement, DISCOVER challenges and GROW to their highest potential.

2-4-1 PLAY Classes for Young Children

We offer classes for young children 18 months to five years in age that focus on developing physical literacy and social emotional skills through play.

Classes are designed to inspire movement and play to set children on a path of developing the ability, balance, confidence, desire and explorative nature to be active for life.  This is done through providing a rich experience igniting active play where children are free to discover by jumping, crawling, climbing, running, catching, throwing, kicking and much more.  Without even knowing it, children are growing their bodies and minds to set them on their way towards reaching their highest potential.

Play sessions are theme based and an imaginative setting is created for children to explore movement and discover ways to use their bodies. For example, one class will use mats, beams and tents to take the children to the mountains where they can hop over a stream, crawl across an elevated log or climb up a rock and jump off into a lake. Other classes will take the kids to engaging locations around the world as we will use play equipment in a new way to encourage fundamental movement and motor skill development.

Parents and care givers attend classes with their children. Through attending class, adults will learn how to guide active play outside of class to further develop the child’s physical literacy.  Adults are welcome to, but are not required to participate in the entire class.

Each six week session offers weekly 45 minute classes.  Children can be registered for one or two classes per week.

Mini Movers classes are 18 months to 3 years in age

Mighty Movers classes are for children 3 to 5 years in age


2-4-1 PLAY Class Experience

Classes are gently led by experienced teachers who balance guiding physical, social and emotional development and providing an environment where children are free to explore, discover and grow through following their own imagination and interests.

Each class begins with guided group activities focusing on connecting children to one another and to their own body.  Teachers will then introduce play equipment and children are free to explore, discover, and grow through self-guided play.  We finish class with a guided mindful cool-down for children to begin to learn how to direct how they are feeling and re-center before heading into the rest of their day.

2-4-1 PLAY - Boulder
Spring Session

Monday, April 13th -May 18th

Classes are offered:

Mini Movers: Ages 18 months to 3 yrs. old

Mini Movers A: Monday from 9:30am - 10:15am

Mini Movers B: Thursday from 9:30am - 10:15am 

Mighty Movers: Ages 3 to 5 yrs. old

Mighty Movers A: Monday from 10:30am - 11:15am

Mighty Movers B: Thursday from 10:30am - 11:15am 


Physical Literacy

What is physical literacy? While there are many definitions globally for the term Physical Literacy - we use the one set forth by the National Association of Physical Literacy (NAPLUSA) which is the ability, balance, confidence, desire and explorative nature to live an active, healthy life. Like all 2-4-1 Sports programs, 2-4-1 PLAY is designed with intentionality to help develop physical literacy with the goal of well-being by creating an environment where children explore movement, discover challenges and grow to their highest potential!


Tuition: $95.00 per 6 week session
Sibling and multi session discounts available

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3022 E.Sterling Cir. Ste 150, Boulder, CO

2-4-1 PLAY - Boulder, CO

Kat Wagenschutz - 2-4-1 PLAY: Chief Play Officer

Kat is a life-long play advocate and the founder of Playtime in Lafayette, Colorado. As a kid her favorite pastime was playing outside at playgrounds, splashing in streams and climbing up rocks. Play remains at the top of Kat’s list as she is now joined in play adventures with her husband James, son Chase and daughter Zoe. Kat was a Division 1 volleyball player at Colorado State University and has spent her professional career focused on making buildings more environmentally friendly.

Kat Wagenschutz - 2-4-1 PLAY: Chief Play Officer


Steve and Kerry Boyle 2-4-1 Sports Co-Founders:

Steve is a former Division 1 basketball player (Manhattan College). In NYC and Seattle, WA, he coached soccer, basketball, track and field and x-country. In Seattle, he founded Boyle’s Cougar Hoop Camp for Girls, the largest all-girls camp in the state of Washington at the time. Steve was aschool counselor in West Hartford for 20 years where he has coached Varsity basketball, track and field, freshman and JV soccer. Steve currently is the Principal at Crossover Consulting Group where his major project is helping to develop the Whittle School & Studios Physical Literacy Development model on their campuses in Washington DC, Brooklyn, NY, Shenzhen and Suzhou, China. Steve is also the Advisory Board Chair at the National Association of Physical Literacy and is on the board of The Miracle League of Connecticut. A life long lover of sport, Steve still regularly plays basketball, tennis or soccer and loves to run and spin.

Kerry is a former Division 1 lacrosse and field hockey player (Bucknell University). She has coached basketball, lacrosse and tennis in Baltimore, NYC and Seattle, WA. Kerry recently left a 30 year career in teaching and athletic administration. After starting as a teacher in Maryland and New York City, Kerry served as an Athletic Director in Seattle for 5 years and at the Watkinson School in Hartford, CT where she also coached Varsity lacrosse for 22 years. An active member in Connecticut politics, Kerry now devotes her time to growing 2-4-1 Sports internationally with a focus on bringing physical literacy and sport sampling to underserved populations. Kerry models the "Active for Life" philosophy as she can be seen daily in some form of vigorous exercise or fun filled play!

But most of all, Steve and Kerry are most proud of the 3 athletic daughters they have raised. For more on Steve and Kerry - click HERE for this neat story.

Steve and Kerry Boyle
2-4-1 Co-Founders
with their 3 daughters


Refund Policy

50% refunds up to 5 days before first class. No refunds available after this time.